Monday, June 25, 2018

Long Time No Post

Yep. I'm still alive. Sorry about the spammy posts. I haven't logged into blogger for quite a while. Don't know if anyone reads my blog anymore anyway lol

I think I have gotten away from blogging due to Facebook. It's easier to see what people are saying and doing on Facebook than checking their blog. It's quicker to post a quick status update, than to go into blogger, format my blog post, etc. And the memes..oh the memes!

I have been stable over the past 4 1/2 years, living in the same apartment with my teenage son. Yep, my son is not only a teenager, BUT he just finished his first year in high school. I can't believe it. He was my baby not long ago, what happened? It has been him and I for the past 6 years or so. He used to want to spend his time with me, but not anymore. I miss that. Once in a while he spends time with me like when he was young.

I worked a job in retail for about 2 1/2 years, and I have been working inbound customer service over the phone for almost two. Customer service is a very tough job. Most of the customers are nice, wanting things fixed. And yes, sometimes my company is the one that messed up. If so, we admit it and fix it. But the majority of the time, it is either: A mess-up on their end that they BLAME on us and expect us to fix NOW; A mess-up on their end that they admit and ask expect us to fix; or nothing messed up, but they don't understand and think we messed up. A good day is when I don't get cursed at!

Actually, I don't mind being cursed at. I know I am a bitch fucking bitch, thank you very much. There's nothing more fun than when someone is being an ass, and they KNOW it, and when the conversation is done, you tell them to have a WONDERFUL DAY/EVENING/WEEKEND. A little passive aggressive, no? Try to have that call pulled. "Umm, they told you to have a wonderful day, I'm sorry?" lol

It's the bullying and the belittling that can get to me. Yes, I should not take it personally, and usually I succeed. I think it sometimes gets to me because I was bullied so much at my retail job by a COWorker. It was so bad and never-ending, the manager didn't do anything, the Union didn't do anything. Things could have ended badly for me. But I got carpel-tunnel and I could not do the deli work. They were able to move me to the service dept. I was a greeter for about a year. To be honest, that probably saved my life. I loved being a greeter! The only one I would not greet was the bully. Can't blame me there though, can ya? A few months later, I heard that she walked off the job on a day I was off. I would have LOVED to have seen that. Karma and I are bitch sisters! With my luck, I keep waiting to see her at my current job. Just...N.O. A few people at my retail job are working the same place I am. The atmosphere is much more positive, and the managers really care about it.

We also have a kitty! He is such a cute boy, isn't he? He is so lovey as well, he loves to climb on me when I am laying down. Nice to wake up to kitty butt in my face!

Well, that's been my vida loca for the past few years. Comment below if anybody still reads this!



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