Saturday, July 17, 2010

First week of training done!

It's been a busy week. We had to get used to getting up and around even earlier than we had to on school days. But we did it. My son had fun at our friend's house. She has a very gentle dog that he adores, and who likes having him around to play with.

Training is going well. We're learning a lot about appliances, as we will get calls for appliances that they have bought, and may be having problems with. It's a lot to learn, but we don't have to memorize everything. We have some great resources we can look up on the computer when a customer calls. We are using the appliances during training. We made yummy cinnamon rolls last week. We will be doing our trainer's bosses laundry soon lol. Washers are going so high tech, well actually most appliances are, it's amazing. Soon they will be able to run themselves!

1 1/2 more weeks of training, then watch out!


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