Friday, April 30, 2010

A census we will go

I finished up census training this week. Yesterday afternoon we went out to do interviews (we write the answers down that they give us) for a couple of hours. We have to read the questions verbatim (exactly as they are written). We have to ask if they and everyone in the house is male or female. I know kinda stupid, but the Quality Control people call a certain percentage of those we interview (we ask for their phone number), and ask them if we asked certain questions.

I got one interview yesterday. Today we finished up our training, did our test, then went out for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I got 3 interviews, then I locked my keys in my car! I had just gotten an interview at the house next door, and I went there to use her phone (mine was in my car too). I let my supervisor know, and then called the police dept. to see if they would open my car door. Some police departments will do that. They said no. The woman whose phone I was using said her fiance was going to come home soon and he could probably do it. So we talked until her guy got home. It was past time we had to quit, we couldn't get more than 8 hours today, so I just went home. They were really nice, and had a cute little dog.

I am enjoying doing the census. A lot of the people weren't home. The ones that were home answered the questions and were really nice. They even gave their phone numbers. So we'll see how the rest goes and how much work there is.

Not sure if I will be able to work tomorrow, my car is on empty. Someone hit my car in a parking lot a few weeks ago. They were going to give me a check today, they didn't want to go through their insurance company. I went to pick it up (the guy's son hit my car and left a note, I wasn't in the car). The guy looked at my car, and told me his son's car couldn't have hit my car there. So I went all the way there for nothing. I don't know if his son's car really hit it there or not. I thought it had. So no money for gas to work. I may not be able to go visit my son on Sunday either. My damn car cost over $400 to fix on Monday, and I still owe them a bit too.

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