Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Long hair gets Mesquite prekindergartner in trouble

    Four-year-old Taylor Pugh, in prekindergarten at Floyd Elementary School, likes his hair long - just below his ears and along his collar in the back. He likes it longer in front. That length is outside the school district's dress code so the boy has been having lessons alone in the library. And his mother says the district has said he will be kicked out of school completely on Tuesday...
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It's not even very long! Makes me want to move there and let my sons hair grow longer than that.



Blogger Nikki said...

This is for real? I've never seen a dress code address hair length before. Hair color, yes, hair style even (no mohawks), but hair length? Honestly that's sexist. Can a girl get in trouble for having hair that is too short?

And you're right, his hair's not that long. I'm sure the students are all just sooo distracted by his hair. (actually, I'm sure their more distracted by the fact that they've isolated him in the library)

I'm ashamed that 'the land of the free' is also the land where a little 4-5 year old is kicked out of school based on appearance.

Shame on them.

P.S. Most of my guy friends in high school had hair like that or longer. It was 'in' then.

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