Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Let it snow!

We got our first snow this past week, and a bit of accumulation, although not much. Luckily we missed the big winter storms that have been happening in a few states lately. I'm sure the kids would have loved to be off school though.

I have my last speech tomorrow. I got 100 on my 3rd speech yesterday! I was expecting maybe a B, as it was hastily put together because I had strep last week and bronchitis this week. My speech was on the history of Santa, from good old Saint Nicholas to the Santa of today. It was kind of short, I thought she'd take off points for that but she didn't. Now to put together one today for tomorrow. I don't have to worry about it too much, if we do all 4 speeches she throws out the lowest score of one of our speeches. Speeches are easier than doing papers in English Comp.

My ex called today. Of course he can't take the kids for the holidays, grrr. I really need a break! My older daughter was thinking about coming up to visit, but she needs to get her car fixed, so won't have money to come.

Won't have a lot of money for Christmas this year. My dad will send me a bit of money and something for Ibi. My older son worked this summer and bought himself all kinds of goodies. I'll try to get something for my daughter. Maybe a gift card to Barnes and Noble. She got my bookworm gene. I might be able to get myself a cool used cell phone, other than that, doubt I'll get anything. At least I was able to get myself a laptop with a bit of my school money. Guess that will have to suffice.


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Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Anisah,
Thank you so much for your nice comments about my "Loved Ones" collection! I did reply to your e-mail last week, and sent you some coupons, and sent new coupon again today (for $10 off anything in my shop), but I don't think my e-mails to you are getting through. I really appreciate your note and purchase - thank you! Jill DZines (jilld123 AT gmail DOT com)

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