Sunday, November 08, 2009

School Daize

Classes are going well. My 6 yo son keeps getting sick when I have a history test! Luckily the teacher is good about letting me reschedule. I got a 95 on my speech this week on breastfeeding. No, I didn't demonstrate. The other speeches are really interesting. We have a total of 4 speeches, and I have to do a speaker evaluation (not on someone in my class). We have to go by an outline, as well as give a copy of the outline to the teacher. The outline gets graded too. We have to cite our sources too of course. My English teacher keeps switching between APA and MLA style. We did one paper in each, and now we can choose one. In my speech class we have to use APA Style, so I'll do that in English Comp. as well.

My son was sick about a month ago. He had a fever and his throat hurt. I took him into the doctor, and he had strep throat. About 3 or 4 weeks later, another fever. He said his ear(s) hurt, so I took him in again. They said it was probably a viral infection, and he felt better in a couple of days. My speech teacher is good about excusing absences with an excuse AND documentation. So he's missed quite a bit of school already. Hopefully he is done at least for this semester!

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