Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm officially a college student!

I got my loans out of default, and am registered for the fall semester. My major is Computer Information Systems, emphasis in IT (Information Technology). I may also take some web design courses.

This late, a lot of the classes were full, but some were open that I needed. I'm taking English Comp, American History, Intro to Public Speaking, and Comp. Operations. Two of them are internet courses. That definitely saves gas going to the college. Just 12 credit hours to start. I didn't have $ to get my student ID today, I will come back later this week to get it and my books. The people at the college are great. It's going to feel weird to be a college student again, and I'll have to study, gulp! I'll have some days free at home with the kids in school, so I'll have plenty of time to study. I have to fill out the application for work-study, so maybe I can get a job on campus.

Anisah, college girl

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