Friday, July 03, 2009

Blog Changes

I have been pondering some blog changes. I did recently make it private. Then I realized I wanted some posts to be private, some public. You can't put a password on posts in Blogger. You can at Wordpress, however you cannot edit your template there, which I like to do.

I am going to make another private blog, which those invited can read. I may also link there from here when I make posts. You will have to be logged into google to read the private blog. I'd like to keep some personal things, as well as my kid's pictures, private, so I know who is reading those posts.



Blogger Yasemin said...

I love the new design and can't wait to read more dear, however you decide to go about things. Happy 4th! Hope you and the kids are enjoying it and seeing fireworks!

6:42 PM  
Blogger jazain said...

...and i thank you so much for including me!!!

7:09 AM  

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