Monday, June 08, 2009

Guess who finally called?

Yep, the ex. Ya, I almost fainted!

He called to tell our daughter happy birthday. I did text him the day before to remind him, but at least he called. Actually he called and I must not have had a signal, it didn't ring. I got a voice mail message from him. So I called him back, and told him he had to talk to me after he talked to our daughter. So I ask him what is going on. He hemmed and hawed, and said that he's waiting for some money, blah blah blah. Not sure when he can get the kids. And oh, he'll only get them for 2-3 weeks. Lovely! I'm sure he's still sending his wife and 2 little kids to Egypt. Has money for that, but not for his 2 older kids, sigh.

It will be nice to have a small break, but I will only believe it when he buys the tickets, with the way he is. He can be a good dad, when he chooses to be. Don't know which is worse: that, or a father who never really cared about or saw his child. To me the first.

I signed my little one up for some programs at the library, so I'll try to keep busy.



Blogger Yasemin said...

Oh I hate how they hem and haw! And I love how it's a MUST for these guys to send people or go as well to their hoe countries EVERY year. Ugh..

I'm actually relieved for you, if only because your children must see their father's favoritism, and it must hurt them.

I know the are too old, but we've been doing LOTS of cheap sidewalk chalk, pools, and playgrounds. The library sounds like such a great idea! Love you sis.

12:18 AM  
Blogger Safa said...

I think I'm going to spend the next couple of days reading you..... I have a friend here in Canada who was married to an egyptian.....2 weeks before she gave birth to his son, he decided to go back to his first wife...(only divorced her once, they'd be seperated a year and have 3 grown children) .... the father saw his son on the day of his birth.....and that's it.....sigh...

Keep strong....nothing wrong with libraries, sidewalk chalk and picnics in the park....those were my happiest memories....

5:36 PM  

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