Monday, March 23, 2009

What is the last number? and other musings

The other day my 5 yo son asked me "What's the last number?". I told him there is no last number. Numbers go on forever. Took him a while to think about that. Sometimes kids ask the deepest questions that adults think we don't have time to think about. Sometimes we're so busy living our lives, and worrying about money and things like that, that we don't stop to "smell the roses" along the way.

An example of the way kid's minds work: This was when my older 2 (currently 12 and 14) were about 7 and 9. I would take them to McDonalds and Burger King that had play places so they could play there, esp. in winter and bad weather. We got started thinking about having one of those for dogs and cats. What kind of food would they have, how would they order (like a picture menu, for example), what kind of stuff they would like to play on. It went on for over an hour. I wish I had a tape of that, it was so fun using our imaginations.

I read in the newspaper about a woman's support group meeting at my local library a couple of times a month. I called and got info on it, and am going to go at the next meeting. I don't have many friends in this area, and have been up and down the last few months.

Things have been up and down. Nothing much going on. Next week is spring break, ugggh! Home with a 5 yo and 2 teenagers. Maybe I'll run away from home lol.

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Blogger Yasemin said...

I think the woman's support group is a wonderful idea. I can't tell you how much it's helped to go to Safeplace group meetings!

I'm glad you stopped to smell the roses with your son. He sounds incredibly smart, definitely a compliment to you as his mother.

Hope everything goes ok with Spring break. We had ours last week and did tns of fun things. Sounds like some trips to the local museums and nature centers are in order :)

Love you!

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