Monday, January 05, 2009

Monday Musings

I’m trying to post more than I have been lately. If I don’t get around to posting during the week, then this will force me to do it on Monday.

Our Christmas was ok. I had to spend a lot of $ on fixing my car. I hope it appreciates the new timing belt and tie rod I had to have put in it! It’s an old POS car, but at least it gets me around (for now at least, knock on plastic). My dad sent something but when I got it, the box was opened and it was opened and empty. Le Sigh. He couldn’t afford to replace it. I signed up for a gift exchange on a website, and I got a couple of neat books. Thanks Steph! That was the only thing I got to open on Christmas. I coughImeanSanta put a few things in my stocking.

Well it’s a new year. Last year we had a lot of downs, and a few ups. I really want to get my life on track. I am working, albeit part-time. I only get 2 shifts a week. The winter is the slow time around here. Summer is busier, as tourists come to the area. I need to figure out how I am going to start college, and actually start this year, instead of just talking about it. I think I have decided to take paralegal, and perhaps minor in psychology. I think the local community college doesn’t have a paralegal degree per se. It’s pre-law but can be used like a paralegal degree.

Someone put a cute note on my car last night. I thought I saw a car there (just saw the headlites), but then it drove off. I figured it was just someone lost or looking at a map. Then this morning I go out to warm up my car and there’s a note under my windshield wiper. It was addressed to “fellow earthling”. It said that they liked my orange door. They thought it looked pretty. It was signed “love, some weirdo”. I do have a bright orange door. When I order pizza and give my address, I tell them to tell the driver it’s the house with the orange door, then they can’t miss it.

I am glad the kids are back in school. I did some good organizing of my laundry/storage room, but still need to do some more. I hate this cold weather. I get cold easily, but my daughter is always warm. We fight over the heater.

Well the week has begun, let’s see what it holds!

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Blogger Laurita said...

What a great little note to find. Something like that would make my day. Makes me want to do it to another "fellow Earthling". :)

Here's hoping this New Year is a wonderful one for you, full of happiness and success.

3:47 PM  

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