Friday, June 22, 2007

You're Moving WHERE?

I called my ex (I'll call him A) this am, and as soon as I said, "Hi A, it's An", he hung up. This evening his phone was off, so I called his wife's phone. A guy answered. He said he was A's friend (I'll call him X, since I don't know his name), and that A was sleeping at his house. X and I had a grand old discussion about A and him not paying child support for 10 weeks (and we got into religion too). X was making excuses for A, and said A had to visit his homeland when I said A went on vacation (to Egypt) instead of paying his child support. X said I should be working to support them, and that I shouldn't go to court for child support, just let A send it out of the "goodness of his heart." Well that'd be about NEVER! He barely pays when the court makes him. X said that I must have been a bad wife to make A. this way. Way to take responsibility! He also said I must not have been a "real" Muslim to have the attitude that I do.

Then X said my ex was planning on moving to Egypt! That A's wife and kids were over there. X said later that A should "take custody" of the children, as he put it, and take them to Egypt. Now I'm worried about A trying to get the kids, or leaving to Egypt and abandoning the kids. I think A is too lazy to try to get them and won't want to get into trouble. And he's a bad planner as well. But if he moves to Egypt, there's no way to get any $ out of him. And it'll kill my son to have his dad abandon him. My daughter doesn't show her emotions about her dad, but she wrote at school that her greatest wish was to have us together (see my previous post), so things must affect her that she doesn't show.

I told X I'd let my ex take my children over my dead body (and A's lol), and that if X helped him, I'd make sure he was arrested. His reply? "I have a good lawyer." Right, that'll get you out of kidnapping charges!

My ex is such an asshat, and this guy is obviously one too. I hate men right now! And I'm not very fond of Egyptians (nothing personal to any other Egyptians out there). I'm just tired of the cultural crap.

I'm sure X will tell A all I told him, including that I'm not Muslim anymore and I go to Church, Gasp! And don't care if my kids are Atheists when they grow up, double gasp lol. Yep, it was a long-winded discussion/argument.

Anisah, sleeping with one eye open

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Blogger .::Tuttie::. said...

that sucks on so many levels. I come from a broken home (broken a couple of times) so divorce is REAL to me and custody battles are nasty.

I didn't really have anything to fear until my son was born and my life changed and now my heart is living outside my body. I am in a happy marriage but from my upbringing I know anything is possible.

5:32 AM  

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