Monday, June 11, 2007

You have $ for a vacation but not child support?

I found out that my ex, who has been paying his child support erratically at best, is on vacay in Egypt! Don't ask me how I know, suffice it to say that I know he opened my email there. I did confirm with his brother that he's there. He hasn't paid anything in 2 months, but feels the need to go on vacation, presumably since he's been working so hard. Can I throw up now?

He has been going 2 months in-between payments the last couple of times. In fact it's been exactly 2 months since he has paid anything. Even when he pays, he doesn't pay it all and has arrears of around $500-$1k after each payment.

Some good news: the child support agency is taking him to court for child support at the end of July. This means I can ask for a bench warrant option be put on the account, and this will probably be approved because of his erratic payments. Then if he's 2 weeks late, someone may get a visit from the local police. I don't know if they will go to his home to pick him up, or only arrest him if they happen to stop him for something else. I will call the police station to ask them.

Anisah, good news bad news kinda day

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