Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend fun!

The past 2 weekends we have had a bit of fun. Last Saturday (the 6th) we went to a Mother's Day lunch at a friend of mine's church. It was a potluck and the women cooked great food. Thanks to Amy for inviting me!

Then on the same day in the early evening we went to a potluck with another friend's church group on the campus of Andrews University. They had a bonfire and the kids loved roasting marshmallows and making smores. My son likes fire just a bit too much. There was a small playground and they were swinging and going too fast on the merry go round, and running around. They had a lot of fun. I was still kinda full from lunch.

Yesterday (Sunday May 14th) we went to church in the morning (it doesn't start until 10:30, so we don't have to be up and around too early. We have to leave our house by about 10), then I had to return some *ahem overdue books at a library that's near my church. After I put them in the book return slot, I saw a park right behind the library (most libraries here are closed on Sundays). So we went to the grocery store to buy some lunch, and had a picnic and played at the park. I got on the swing too, bet that was a sight. I need to make sure my camera has good batteries in it so I can take it next time and have some pics.

Anisah, loving the great weather!



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