Thursday, May 03, 2007

Interesting Day!

Today I had to go get fingerprinted for a job I applied for. The guy who was doing the fingerprinting was a private detective. We started talking about how he got to be a PI (Private Investigator). It's a field that has always interested me. And not just because I loved watching Magnum PI when I was in school. I've always loved detective and cop shows. And I'm a very nosy person, which probably helps in that business. I kinda like finding info on people on the net. There is a lot of info out there on city, county, and state web sites for free. I'm not above looking for people I know. Hey, it's legal, and it's out there. If I'm not looking at it someone else will. It's useful if you're looking for an old friend or relative you haven't heard from in years.

The Investigator said he may be looking for a couple of people to do computer work for him (searching on the computer, stuff like that), so I got his card. I'd love to work for a PI! Being one is kinda my dream job, but more of a computer geek PI.

A, PI wanna-be.



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But can you find Amelia Earhart?

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