Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Why are men so stupid?

I know not all men are stupid (so the one of you who isn't, please put your hand down lol). I am just sick and tired of dealing with my kid's dads who don't give a damn about their kids. Going 2 months without paying child support and not calling your kids for 4 months! How can you turn your emotions off like that and not care if your kids have food or not? Actually he cares if his 2 younger kids have food and clothing and a place to live. I mentioned a couple of days ago about his houses. How can you own 2 houses, yet not pay your child support? I know I am lucky to get it at all, my youngest son's father went back to Jordan and pays nothing at all for him. I've called one of my ex's friends, his brother and his wife, to try to shame him into paying. Well it's not working. I even threatened to report his tax fraud to the IRS. Does he have any brains or is the NJ child support system just not working? I think he should be scared of the IRS. They take your property and ask questions later. But I don't think he has the smarts to be afraid of them. Or maybe he thinks he has more cajones than he actually does.

I'm just so depressed not having any money to pay my rent, and he has 2 damn houses! I guess nobody said life was fair though, did they. I've been putting in applications but haven't heard from any place yet. I hate having to depend on him for money to support my kids. He lies in court and tries to pretend that he's a good father, when he went weeks at a time without seeing them after the child support got raised. He also didn't pay for almost 2 months, and I had to give the child support agency the name and phone number of where he was working to get it taken out of his check. Then once he got fired he start paying when he felt like it (or after all his other bills were paid). When he has had his own plumbing business for years, not paying child support or taxes on that money. But I'm sending in a tax fraud form to the IRS tomorrow for him claiming our children on his tax return when they were living with me. Payback? Maybe, but he did break the law. If he had paid all his child support I may not have done that, but the gloves are off now. He owes $2600 something, and on Wednesday it will go up about $268. He said he was going to pay $1500 on Monday or Tuesday in cash, but he hasn't. And what about the rest, idiot? How does he think his children are eating? Does he think the government should support his children?

A, trying not to be too depressed but not succeeding very well

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