Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pay your effin child support!

I have an ongoing battle with my ex to pay his child support. He pays once a month sometimes, now it's been 7 weeks since he paid. I don't even have money to do laundry. I've been filling out applications trying to get a job. He doesn't pay it all and it keeps adding up. Now he owes over $2500. He doesn't usually answer his phone, I've been calling his brother and the one friend of his I know to try to get him to pay. Today he finally answers his cell phone. I told him I know he has another house and I know how much he bought it for (ain't the internet grand?). He tries to get me to feel sorry for him, saying he bought the house to fix it up to make money but the market is down. Right, he has 2 houses and 3 or 4 cars, and I should feel sorry for him. When I and my 3 children are in a small 2-bedroom apartment, with a car with plastic in the window because I can't afford to replace the glass an idiot neighbor broke. Riiight.

I also found out he claimed our children on his tax return. Which is illegal because they didn't live with him, and he didn't have me sign a form saying he can claim them. He just assumed I hadn't been working so he could get $ off of them when he owes $ TO them! I told him if he doesn't compensate me for what he is getting back for claiming them, the IRS is going to do an investigation. And you don't mess around with the IRS. They take your property and ask questions later.

He doesn't believe I found the info on his houses online. Well here's the info on his houses that I found:

House 1 which he bought for about 296,000 in 2005

House 2 which he bought for about $460,000 in 2006, AFTER he got fired




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