Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dead Battery, what next?

I took Ibi to play at McD's yesterday, like I was planning. But after I got out to go home, the car wouldn't start, grrr! I went back into McD's, and I asked someone working there if anyone had jumper cables. Someone who just got off a shift did, and he tried to jump it, but it wasn't getting any power. He told me Auto Zone (which was just 3 blocks away) would charge car batteries for free, so he took my battery out and took it there. Then bad news, they said it was totally dead. So I had to buy a new battery from them. I didn't have a way to get around to check out prices at any other places. I wasn't in the town I live in. I was about 5 miles away and had no one to come and get me if I didn't get the battery, or take me around to look at batteries.

Nothing else better go wrong with this car. It's not worth putting any $ into, it's an older car.

Sigh, I am just glad to get my car back, and I hope my run of bad luck with it is over.


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