Monday, May 29, 2006

A/C not working!

Well 2nd day of my a/c not working. The maintenance guy was supposed to come today (he called & woke me up at 8 am to tell me he would be here today) but he stood me up. When I finally got ahold of the manager (at home on Memorial Day but she didn't seem to mind) she said he told her at noon he didn't think he could fix it and they needed to get someone who fixes a/c to do it. And of course neither of them bothered to call me to tell me he wouldn't be showing up! It's been almost 90 here in Michigan, and 85 or 86 in my apartment. He keeps doing that, promising to come and do stuff but taking days or weeks or never doing it. I'm not going to fry in my apartment in 90 degree weather with 3 kids. He could at least have brought me some fans. I am running the a/c because some air is coming out (and the bathroom is quite cool lol), I shudder to think how hot it would be without it on at all. The gas bill is still going to come, whether it's working right or not. It better cool off soon!


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