Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You MAY be a slumlord, If:

You MAY be a slumlord. If:

  • You don't get the snow plowed in the driveway and the tenant gets stuck when they go to sign the lease.
  • You don't have your maintenance people clean up after themselves and the tenant has to clean a filthy house when they move in.
  • You put a dresser in front of a hole in the wall so it's not seen during the inspection.
  • Half the house doesn't have heat, so the tenants have to sleep in the front room.
  • You don't put heat in after the tenant(s) complain about it.
  • You don't make sure the appliances work before tenents move in.
  • There are holes in the wall that haven't been fixed.
  • Screens aren't in all the windows. Some screens that are in are half broken.
  • You try to evict the tenant after they withhold rent because of the lack of heat.

    If any of that fits, Congratulations! You probably are a slumlord!


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