Monday, April 23, 2007

You wore WHAT to church?

It still feels wierd to me going to church in jeans, even after going to church for months and seeing many others in jeans. I grew up Seventh-day Adventist, and they dress up in their Saturday best: girls wear dresses and hose, or tights for younger girls, men wear 3 piece suits. At least they did when I was growing up.

But is it really important to dress up for church? Do you think God (for those who believe in God, I'm kinda agnostic on that issue) would listen to you more or answer your prayers or be more happy if you are dressed up? By "dressing up", I mean all decked out, not just in clean decent looking clothing, which is what I try to get my kids to wear when we go to church. Unitarians are more casual about the issue, if you wanna dress up, go for it, but if you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt, you won't feel uncomfortable, and the latter seem to be in the majority at my church. I'm not an official member yet, but I should be getting my own typed name tag next week, yeah!

I learned not to trust my older son to dress himself for church a few weeks ago. I was busy getting ready when he was out of the shower, and didn't notice what he was wearing until we were a few minutes from church. He was wearing his jeans that had a huge rip in the knee! They weren't bought that way, he is tough on his jeans when he plays outside. I got on him for that. His excuse? "I didn't want to waste my clean clothes on church." Umm it's not a waste when you're using them! He's funny that way though. I will make sure I check out what he is wearing Before we leave the house after this though.

A, no ripped jeans for me



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