Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Got wheels (Literally lol)

Well I got my wheels back (or rather new ones!). I bought some used tires last week (thanks Carol for taking me to get them!). A neighbor was going to take off my tires, then take them to have the new tires put on the rims and get balanced and put them back on for me. He kept putting it off and putting it off, then said he couldn't do it. I thought I'd have to pay an arm and a leg to get it towed. Then another friend (BIG Thanks Angie!) came to the rescue, and did it for me. I will let him know that a GIRL did it, he's very matcho. I had to have someone jump-start the car, I haven't run it since the tires were slashed.

I taped some plastic on the window (ain't duct tape great!), and I went to the grocery store yesterday. So today I'll take Ibi to play at McD's (McDonalds), he loves that. I'm also going to use a coupon for a video store for a free rental, and rent Click.

It's sooo nice having my car back. And great timing, since the "alleged perpetrator" just moved out.


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