Thursday, October 26, 2006


Well I haven't posted in a while. Nothing exciting has been happening. We went to a Pow-wow in South Bend. It was interesting. The kids started school right before Labor Day. Mustafa is in 7th grade and Nabilah is in 4th grade. They are doing well in school.

Mustafa's birthday was on September 6th, and we had a little party here with us and my sister. He got a watch for his birthday. Now he has no excuse to be home late!

I've also had some problems with my downstairs neighbors. The day after I made a complaint about their music being loud (a week and a half ago), all 4 of my tires were slashed, and my driver's side window was busted out. Coincidence? I think not. The landlord didn't do anything about their loud music, so I had to do it myself, and that's what I get for doing it. The landlord, Bon Realty (of Niles, Michigan), of course thinks nothing is their fault. Even though I kept telling them the music was loud, and I had complained to the police before (and given them a copy of the police log). After I signed a complaint against the neighbors, I left the Realty a message on their after-hours line, saying what had happened and that I was afraid of retaliation. The next day, I found my car. I again left them a message. Did they even call me back or anything? No, of course not! Several of the police I had talked to about the noise asked me what my landlord had done, and of course I said nothing. The Realty agent kept telling me that the kid's bikes need to be up, even though we are about the only ones here who put our bikes up, but they can't take care of people violating other people's rights. And when we have to call the police to force our rights to be enforced because they haven't, property gets vandalized. Do your job for heaven's sake! I don't have much, and now I don't even have a way to get around. Thanks a lot. What's next, them breaking into my apartment? I'm sure nothing would be done by Bon Realty then either. A.

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