Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Landlords, Uggh!

I am so tired of how the realty company takes care of our apartments. Actually, it's the way they DON'T take care of them. The hole in my bedroom wall since I moved in has never been fixed, someone ripped out the phone jack before I moved in. The phone jack in the other bedroom doesn't work either, so I'm stuck with just one phone jack. My central air was not working this summer. They sent out a guy that didn't know what he was doing, he was supposed to fill the freon and do other stuff but they found out later that he didn't. They aren't replacing the central air because of a new law, they would have to replace the furnace too, which of course they won't do. We don't have decent screens, and most of the windows don't have storm windows.

My apartment isn't the worst by any means. In one apartment in the building across the sidewalk, the bathroom has been leaking for months and smells so moldy that they haven't paid the rent and it still hasn't been fixed! Another in my building has water coming in the bedroom, there's a small hole in the bottom of the wall, and it's not been fixed. When it rains it smells so moldy in there. The only thing they did was to clean the carpet once. Well duhh, if you don't fix the hole it's going to happen again and again! Mold can make you very sick. I almost moved downstairs when the family there moved out, thank God I didn't! It would probably be leaking too, and I sure wouldn't put up with them not fixing it. The health inspector would be on them like a fly on garbage.

They emailed me yesterday and told me since I've been complaining so much, they would let me out of my lease if I moved this month (August). Well instead of trying to get rid of me, why don't they fix the crap! Most everybody else doesn't complain much, so they are used to not having to deal with it. If I had another place to go I would, but I'm stuck here.

If you want to deal with Bon Realty in Niles, just remember this is the way they take care of their apartments!



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